wednesday photo share: fall

This week, the blog is a bit quiet as we’ve been busy with fall activities lately. I continue to work on my latest quilt, and taking candid photos of the fam, including A pictured here ferociously enjoying the leaves, but things have been fairly quiet in terms of photo sessions as I move into my 8th month of pregnancy.

A has picked up a lot of new vocabulary words lately, like “ha” (hat), “ba” (bag), keys and shoe. She’s pretty good at mimicking words, e.g. she was able to mimic me saying the word “dizzy”, but then she doesn’t reuse those words. She’s very good at getting into trouble, and making a pouty face when she knows she’s getting into something she shouldn’t. She seemed to enjoy getting candy for Halloween (see below), but wasn’t quite sure how to trick-or-treat and was scared of a lot of kids dressed up with scary masks.


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