this week in photos: more springtime!

We have been enjoying the nice weather that comes with Spring here in Winston-Salem and Clemmons! And also enjoying as newborn S grows out of the always eating stage, which has given us some freedom to leave the house more. This week’s 52 week challenge, was silhouette, and while I was able to grab one nice silhouette shot at the Greensboro Science Center (see it on instagram), I may extend this assignment because there were a few other silhouette photos I had in mind to capture. Here are some of my favorite photos from this week! Note that a few of them were taken by my friend Alison at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, since I had my hands full with A & S.

march-4 (1)march-4 (3)march-4 (4)march-4 (5)march-4 (6)march-4 (7)march-4 (8)march-4 (9)march-4 (10)

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