this week in photos: easter & more

This past week in photos includes Easter celebrations and lots of park time. Everything here is turning green & we’ve enjoyed the outdoors almost daily! Now that baby S (about 3.5 months old) is growing out of the nursing-all-the-time stage, we’ve been able to venture further from the house in the afternoons to local parks (Tanglewood, Miller Park, Reynolda Gardens pictured below). Toddler A loves running and tries to skip a lot, but she took quite a few tumbles this week and collected several battle scars (scraped knees, fat lip, etc.), as well as a scratch on her face from a fight at day care over a toy. She continues to chat up a storm and knows too many words for us to count (maybe 100?), including many animal words since she loves looking at books of animals. Baby S is a fairly content baby these days and is becoming more accepting of not being held 100% of the time, which frees up some of my time. Enjoy the phtoos & come back for more. Or contact me today to schedule a session!

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