this week in photos: april!

It’s April. Can you believe it? I have come to love early spring here in Winston-Salem & Clemmons, because of the mild weather and springtime blooms! This week, I took tons of photos. I continue to work through my 52 week challenge, and revisited the challenge “silhouette” because I didn’t get the shots I wanted last week. A 52 week challenge does two things for me: a) challenges me to take photographs for “assignments” that I wouldn’t normally take, and (more importantly) b) forces me to keep my camera out ready for capturing candid moments. I’m typically stuff who likes to have things put away, but keeping my camera out has produced some great photos that I would normally not be capturing.

Anyways, we had great weather this past week and enjoyed the outdoors! Toddler A, continues to impress us with her growing vocabulary, most of which a stranger might not understand, but she knows so many words now. She is great with baby S, who is also smiling and cooing away these days. Here are some of my favorite photos from the week. Enjoy!

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