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This past week’s 52 week assignment was “Outtakes”. I grabbed a few shots that met the assignment, but also a lot more that were not quite as candid. North Carolina experienced its second snow day in two weeks, so of course we went outside to enjoy the snow. We also enjoyed a visit from Grandma for a few days!

Toddler A continues to impress us with her interesting and growing vocabulary. Her words include puppy, foofus (for Rufus / pacifier), can-ny (for candy), goo (juice), mel (milk), cookie, heavy, bee (for blanket), p (for plane), ice (for ice cream), baby, ham, keese (for cheese), cacker (for cracker), many of the Sesame Street character names, meme (for Barney), and more! Baby S is doing well, smiling more these days and sleeping well at night. S loves to be walked around to observe the world.

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