taking a breather

It’s pretty lame that this set of photos makes up most of the photos I’ve taken in February of the girls. We’ve been either busy at full speed, or sick with the winter-time sicknesses that go round and round. Around this time last year, I was photographing newborn baby S regularly as toddler A was getting started at school/daycare.

We’ll be celebrating A’s 3 year old birthday soon with a family celebration and a birthday party, so I hope to share some photos of our festivities, as well as favorite photos from recent photo sessions. But for this week, I’m taking a breather and sharing these few photos I’ve taken recently including our visit to the Winston-Salem trampoline park for a birthday party, and a visit to the Greensboro Science Center (one of our favorite activites). Enjoy & stay tuned!

family-feb (2)family-feb (3)family-feb (4)

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