subdomain use for a blog

I see questions come up frequently about what domain settings should be for a photography website and the blog. One of the decisions that comes up is deciding between installing a blog on the www domain, installing a blog on the blog domain or installing the blog on a separate domain all together ( Here are some notes on each of the options when choosing between these options. and

  • This choice is best for SEO, as it would result in all external link juice flowing to a single domain (
  • This setup requires that you run the blog on your own domain, which means that you’ll be in full control of customizing it, but it means that you are responsible for maintaining the the blog, although sometimes hosting providers may provide additional support. and

  • In terms of SEO, this probably the second best option since external link juice will still flow to the “” domain, but will be divided between subdomains (main site and
  • If you are using an external service such as TypePad or Blogger, there are free or paid options and typically the service is very reliable since there’s a large community of people using these services. The disadvantage to using an external service is that you have less freedom in terms of customization. and (another domain)

  • In terms of SEO, this is not a good option, as external links will be divided between two domains (site and
  • If you already have an existing site and blog with this domain setup, it might be acceptable to keep as is if you can’t update all external links to point to a single domain.
  • There isn’t much justification for this option if you are just starting out with a website and a blog.

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