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I work with many clients during my day job who use analytics tools like Google Analytics and Omniture to measure standard web analytics like conversion and traffic. The fun thing about my photography website is that I started it from scratch with Google Analytics installed, so I’ve been able to see an incremental improvement in traffic based on the little things I’ve updated such as increasing external link, continuously creating content, or starting social media efforts like Twitter or Facebook publishing.

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I recently wrote about external links in SEO and general photography SEO tips. In addition to those SEO efforts, I’ve made a few small changes aimed at further SEO improvement:

  • submitted google local business listing
  • reviewed metrics for my site at woorank
  • submitted website to dmoz
  • added alt tags on homepage images, which were missing
  • shortened homepage title to be 69 characters (recommended length is 70 characters or less)
  • added meta keywords and meta description to several pages
  • updated HTML to be valid HTML (per w3c validator)
  • reviewed performance metrics for my site at
  • signed up for NetworkedBlogs to syndicate my blog content to Facebook
  • tweeted a few of my articles (Twitter)

networked blogs seo

I’ll check back in the coming months to see how these changes may have improved my search engine performance. As I mentioned in a previous article, continuously producing content and getting external links is a very important part of SEO. Some on-site changes that I implemented (such as adding image alt tags, meta keywords, and making the HTML valid) can also positively influence SEO because they follow standard SEO best practices, but I expect continuously creating content to have a larger impact over time.

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