“snowpocalypse” in clemmons + winston-salem

Last week, Clemmons, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding North Carolina areas shut down on Friday and a bit into Saturday for the snowstorm. Snowstorm Jonas went on to cause serious delays along the East Coast. All said and done, we had about 3 inches of snow and sleet mixed together over a 24 hour period, which was enough to close down schools, daycare, mail and local businesses. We
spent our Friday admiring and playing in the snow and enjoying hot chocolate. Toddler A loved the snow, as she loved throwing snowballs, sledding, and attempting to bury adults in the snow! Baby S was indifferent – she didn’t mind standing in the snow, but wasn’t too happy once her butt hit the ground. Here are a few favorite photos from our time enjoying the rare North Carolina snow. Enjoy!

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