seo diary

Since I started this website, I’ve been keeping track of traffic and recording some of my SEO efforts. Here’s a diary of some of my SEO efforts:

Week 1

– decided against flash (the norm in photography)
– decided on blog layout and content strategy
– installed WordPress and created several static pages
– updated WordPress permalinks to /%postname%/, /c/, /t/ bases
– updated many personal assets to link to new site (e.g. Flickr profile, Blogger profile, etc.)
– installed Google Analytics to monitor web metrics

Week 2

– added blog to WordPress
– started writing blog articles

Week 3

– applied image optimization on site photos
– joined a community of pet photographers to build friendships and relationships

Week 4

– created SEOmoz campaign for site to monitor SEO trends
– joined a weekly photography project people in the pet photography community

Week 5

– reviewed local competitor Open Site Explorer data
– found local competitors signed up for some local service listing sites, but after investigation
found that most of these require reciprical listing and decided against participation
– started looking at non-local competitor sites ranking for generic keywords to discover link-building ideas

Week 6

– wrote an article about WordPress, which got 5 links in it’s first two hours and gave me insight into how popular WordPress blog article topics are

Week 7

– submitted google local business listing
– reviewed metrics at woorank
– submitted website to dmoz
– shorted homepage title at the suggestion of SEOmoz & woorank
– added meta keywords and meta description to a few pages
– updated code to be valid HTML
– reviewed performance metrics for my site at
– signed up for NetworkedBlogs to syndicate my blog content to my personal Facebook account
tweeted a few articles

Week 8

– verified local google business listing
– updated SEOmoz profile to link to my new site

Week 9

– looked at google crawl behavior to see if there were any website crawl issues
– updated alt tags in all images for posts.
– installed wp-super-cache plugin to serve cached HTML pages
– reinstalled WordPress commenting functionality
– installed related posts plugin

Week 10

– created tumblr account and began posting to it regularly with photo assignments

Week 11

– created business Facebook page
added Facebook like button to footer

Week 12 +

– continued writing blog posts regularly

Week 20

– began volunteer at local shelter to build relationships

It’s been interesting to see which of my SEO efforts have yielded an increase in traffic, and equally as interesting seeing which efforts seemed to affect SEO very little. In the past, I’ve written about best-practice SEO tasks here and here, but from my experience, I’ve reaffirmed that there’s no silver bullet solution to SEO and that it requires being persistent in building relationships and good content.

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