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see kate sew triangle quilts

I recently came across See Kate Sew’s blog post on one-hour triangle quilts on fabric printed by Spoonflower. One hour is about all the free time I have these days during an entire week for sewing. I had to try it out, and it’s especially good timing because I have several friends who have had or are having springtime babies.

I ordered the Spoonflower fabric printed on Kona cotton, and found coordinating fabric for the back at JoAnn’s. For the first time I ever, I used spray baste to baste the quilt, which worked great. I also did *not* wash the fabric ahead of time, because I wanted that puffy quilt look after washing assuming there would be a bit of shrinking with washing. I was extremely happy with the resulting quilts, and am very excited to send them off to my baby-having friends. The entire project probably took a bit more than an hour per quilt, but it was still much quicker than quilting with pieces! I highly recommend this approach to friends who are looking to get into quilting!

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