quick color selectivity in lightroom

I don’t spend a ton of time editing my photos in post-processing, but here I’ll describe a short tutorial on how to do simple color selectivity with lightroom.

The starting point was a photo taken on a Canon 7D with a 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 lens at 10mm (super wide), 250 ISO, and shot in shutter priority. I shot this in shutter priority because I only have a few seconds before Roger wants to take the sunglasses off as he goes for a tennis ball. On this particular day, the sky was very cloudy, which produced an image with very little contrast and no harsh shadows.
The first step in post-production I took was to use Lightroom’s Basic panel to add some punch to the image. I increased Clarity, Saturation, Contrast, and Blacks. The resulting image was a bit oversaturated, but I knew I would go black and white with it so I didn’t mind at this point.
Next up, I adjusted the color adjustments to remove all color except for red. The color adjustments might be trickier for other types of photos, but in this photo red was only present in Roger’s tongue and nose. Here are my final color adjustment settings:

To eliminate the red coloring in the nose and tongue, I added a grad filter.

My grad filter settings were adjusted to reduce the saturation from the section of the image where the grad filter was applied.

Here’s a look at the final image. And don’t forget one of Milton, too!

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