photo session: kerber puppies


During a session in early December, I photographed three lab puppies at 11 weeks old, Aurelio, Cole, and Bella to star in their own family greeting card, a custom postage stamp, as well as several canvas prints. Perhaps it’s because I have a soft spot for labs, but this was one of those sessions where it was difficult for me to narrow down to my favorite photos; I usually present 20 to 40 photos from a session, but this one I provided just over 40 because there were many that I loved. Looking back at the photos, it’s a little tricky to tell who’s who, but luckily I kept pretty good track during the session. All the puppies were typical 11 week old puppies who were treat motivated, somewhat mischievous, but each had their own distinct personality. Enjoy & stay tuned for a photo share of the lovely greeting card and custom postage stamps that came out of this session.


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