october update: what have i been up to?

If you’ve been following me on Instagram lately, you might have noticed I’ve been up to exploring a few things on the creative side coinciding with my new Etsy shop. I wanted to share some of those things I’ve been listening to and digging into, as well as take the opportunity to share photos of baby S, now 9 months, and toddler A at ~2.5 years.

  • I completed this course on hand lettering, which has been a fun creative outlet since I’ve basically been doodling letters my whole life. It’s been fun, and Caroline (the creator) does a great job of cultivating the community.
  • I signed up for a trial membership at Creativebug to take watercolor classes by Yao Cheng. I love her artwork, and her classes have been great. Creativebug has a ton of other classes that I’ve been trying to watch as well, and the ones related to quilting have served me well.
  • I started following Danielle of themerriweather council who blogs a lot about selling on Etsy, and she has a few resources for sale that I may eventually use.
  • Emily Jeffords is another one of my favorite artists who has a great presence online. She’s just started to offer a few lower price point resources which I have my eye on, as well as a two day painting workshop that I’d love to go to if it works out with my schedule (one day!).
  • I continue to listen to the Being Boss and Invisible Office Hours podcasts, which have covered lots of small business / creative topics. I love the StartUp podcast as well, but they haven’t mentioned a Season 3 yet. Also, I just started listening to the podcast of Sean Wes, which so far seems to have a bit of overlap with the podcasts above, but so far I like the experience and confidence in Sean, so I’m interested to hear more.

Anyways, here are a few photos of the kids as I’ve been taking monthly photos of baby S with her fox. Fall is in full swing here and the weather has been pretty miserable. I imagine my next personal post and upcoming photo sessions will have some lovely fall leaves. Stay tuned!

october (2)october (3)october (1)october (5)

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