my first quilt

I finished my first quilt! Can you believe it?! It seemed to take forever, but delayed a bit by feeling morning (all-day) sickness. I attempted to make a quilt a while back, but that one proved a bit too difficult and mentally draining for my first quilt. This time, I came across Lauren’s Baste + Gather Quilt Pattern and loved her showcase quilt and the simple, efficient steps.

I made a couple modifications to the original pattern. Lauren’s original pattern calls for 6 1-yard piece cuts for the front piecing. I loved her original colors, but I didn’t want to copy them, so instead I picked up this half-yard Kona bundle from Etsy. The bundle included 11 half-yard cuts of bright colors that work well together. I also didn’t want to waste much fabric, so instead of cutting 10″ squares as the original pattern called for, I cut 8″ squares. This added a bit more work because of the smaller pieces, but it was a better use of the half-yard cuts. I believe my final measured quilt was a bit smaller than the pattern describes, but I did have a bit of leftover pieced fabric that wasn’t used.

Lauren also applied straight-line quilting on her showcase quilt, which I absolutely loved, but after a few lines of quilting, I decided to simplify with the Stitch-in-the-Ditch technique. Quilting itself was very difficult to me – it is quite hard to manipulate large bulky fabric (a quilt with batting) compared to many of the smaller pieces I sew. Maybe next time I’ll have more mental energy to pull off the entire quilt with straight-line stitching, or I’ll just hire a quilter!

While I am very happy to see the finished product, the quilt required a lot more gratification-delay than typical baby/toddler sized apparel I have been making. I’m not sure when I’ll make another quilt, although I already have my eye on a few designs.

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