monday photo share: running

I missed last week’s Friday photo share so I’m making up for it this week! Here’s Miss A running at nearby Hanes Park. These days she loves running, especially if she thinks dad, dogs (Milton or Roger), or I am chasing her. She stumbles here and there, but has gotten pretty good at chase. She now has a few more words – “baaaa” for ball, “buubuu” for puppy (her first word besides mom and dad), “baba” for baby, “ghagha” very excitedly for chocolate, and a few other indiscriminate words for excitement over food like fruit snacks and blueberries. She regularly pulls food out of the pantry that she wants to eat, usually going for granola bars or cookies. She shakes her head no when we ask her if she wants to go to bed, but then she shakes her head no for every question we ask her after that (e.g. “Is dadda more funny than momma?”). She enjoys coloring with crayons and putting crayons down our shirts, but she really enjoys peeling wrappers off crayons. As one of our friends put it, “She’s like a real person now!”

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