monday photo share: happy 1.5 years

Today is the day that Miss A turns a year and a half! Time flies! At 1.5 years, A is always busy, not surprisingly. She’s quite chatty now, loves going to the park and even going down slides by herself. She knows what sounds monkeys make (ooh ooh ahh ahh), and thinks she knows what sounds horses and cows make (ah ah ah ah and baaa baaa). Over the last week, we had a quick photo session at nearby Hanes Park and visited Krispy Kreme with a couple of friends. She loved mostly eating the sprinkles off the donuts. She loves reading books, but for now we are sticking to board books where she can’t rip out the pages. Her favorites include Go, Dog. Go!, There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! and Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.

a-1 (1)Park time (above) and donut time (below).
a-1 (3)

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