monday photo share: 19 months

Over the weekend, we headed out to The Farm at The Children’s Home here in Winston-Salem to pick up some pumpkins. We didn’t know what to expect, but the farm was filled with other activities including pumpkin picking – plenty of kids activities, a maze, and lots of farm animals. A helped pick out some pumpkins by trying to lift them, but she could only lift a few of the smaller ones. She’s just over 19 months now, and busy as usual. Her latest milestones include giving real kisses, learning to “pull” us off the couch to play with her or get her something, and chatting away. A couple of her recognizable new words are “bu” (bug), “keeeey” (kitty).

pumpkins (2)pumpkins (5)pumpkins (3)pumpkins (4)

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