Did you notice I’ve been a bit behind in blogging? In a couple of recent posts I’ve mentioned my blogging schedule would be scaled back a bit because of “life”. Well, I made a video recently and shared it on my personal Facebook page about this so-called life:

To be more specific, toddler A will be a big sister because I am pregnant with new “life”. Just like last time, I’ve been dealing on and off with morning sickness for a while, as well as an increase in allergies lately. I’m hoping things will settle down as I’m now in my second trimester. While I’ve still been doing a handful of photo sessions, I’ve taken a bit of a break from longer photography engagements such as second shooting at weddings. I’ve also taken a bit of a break from sewing, but I still have a huge backlog of posts to share. Hopefully I’ll soon get back into the swing of blogging regularly!

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