kcw: july 2014

I’ve participated in Kids Clothes Week (KCW) a couple of times now (January 2014, Spring 2014), but this time around I was quite busy finishing this quilt, and I didn’t want to steal momentum from it because I was so close to being done. KCW is a community of sewers who get together to sew daily for a week , I did finish the quilt mid-week and decided I wanted to make a quick shirt for toddler A in the spirit of KCW.

I made a Lucy Tunic using upcycled fabric (fabric from husband A’s dress shirt) and some fabric hanging out in my stash. You can tell it’s upcycled because I left the bottom part of the pocket attached on that right panel. I’ve debated removing that now, but I think it reminds me where it came from. One alteration I made on the pattern was to go sleeveless.

As I’ve said before, this is a super and easy pattern – only six pattern pieces. You can use buttons or snaps for the closures. It also has a pretty comfortable & easy fit, and I expect the 18 month size to stay with us through the summer at least. If you are interested in getting started in sewing for a child, I recommend this pattern, and I recommend checking out KCW to get inspired!

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