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I was really excited recently when asked to help out with a story about how to take better pet photography. The reporter, Emily Byrd, was interested in sharing general and technical tips for taking better photos. She plans to do a future session on the impact of professional photographers partnered with animal rescue and shelter groups. Here’s the story:

Some of the tips shared during the story were:

  • Use a fast shutter speed.
  • Shoot in mixed light or shade (not direct sunlight).
  • Focus on getting a great expression rather than the technical perfection of the photo.
  • Use treats, or other motivators!

If in doubt, you can always hire me for professional photos of your pet!

And during the session, our own Milton was the superstar model. We adopted him just about 10 years ago, which puts him somewhere around 10.5 years old. Happy adopt-iversary Milton!

milton (2)milton (3)milton (4)milton (5)

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