i’m still here (part 2): turkey day!

I’ve gotten a bit behind on blogging again, but for good reason (more on that later). This past long weekend, my family was in town for Thanksgiving and husband A cooked up a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Toddler A enjoyed having family around and was very excited for daily play time with the grandparents while we were getting lots of projects done around the house.

Since my last update, A’s vocabulary has obviously increased, with words like caaa (car), biiii (bike), yoyo (yogurt), bapa (apple), keeeeey (cookie), and more. She seems to mimic speech very well, so I think she has more vocabulary words but haven’t yet figured out what they all mean. She does have a very distinct “No”. In addition to chattiness, she has been very physically motivated lately and loves to jump, run, get chased, and play on boxes.

I’ve been somewhat busy with photo sessions although I’ve been getting more exhausted since I’ve hit ~36 weeks of pregnancy. I hope to get more into the groove of blogging and want to publish a bunch of photos that I’ve taken in the last few months. Let’s hope baby #2 holds out a little bit longer as I get back into the groove!

turkey (1)turkey (2)

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