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hosh pants

What seems like forever ago, I made a pair of HOSH Pants by LouBee Clothing as part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel. I never got around to blogging about it other than my Perfect Pattern Parcel post, but now I’ve made a few more and wanted to share more details.

Back when I created the first pair, I used a Solid Stretch Denim from Mood Fabrics, which is no longer available. The pattern calls for fabric with stretch. I sewed up the 2T size for my then 1-year old. In the time since then, those pants are our go-to mid-weight denim and have been worn so many times! I’m always looking through the laundry for those pants. Jaggings are also popular in our house, but these are nice for a little bit more protection from the elements. The 2T was initially a bit long, but we simply rolled up the bottom of the pants and unrolled as A grew.

Skip ahead about a year, and I recently upcycled two pairs of pants from JCrew (brown corduroys, pale blue khakis), as well as some stretch orange bottom-weight fabric from JoAnns to create 3 pairs of 3T Hosh pants for toddler A. On the upcycled pants, I kept the bottom hemline, which eliminated one step. On the orange pants, I added this cute fox fabric to the inside bottom cuffs.

hosh (3)

I love this pattern. It’s so accommodating to a growing toddler (adjustable waist, adjustable length with cuffs), and is a simple fast sew that has gotten so much use in our house. Highly recommended!

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