homage to oscar mayer

Taking care of Oscar Mayer was a labor of love for the first few weeks when he was at AARF – the AARF volunteers bottle fed him back to health and exuberance! Oscar is a miniature dog that has the look of a teacup chihuahua with little bow legged back legs that give him a waddle.

I first met Oscar a few weeks ago and he was timid and weary of human interaction. Two weeks later after plenty of love and attention, he’s grown into quite the little dog with a big personality. He liked to parade around with his normal dog sized kibbles, test his boundaries of exploration, and even try to give a couple volunteers fresh ear piercings (gently!).

I have no doubt that Oscar will have no problem finding a home, although it’ll be important for him to go to a home that is the right fit for this little guy. He’s very silly, energetic and photogenic, as you can see here!

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