headshots & a website

SPOILER ALERT: This blog post might be all over the place and excessively long.

First off, you might notice some updates in my website. Back when I started this website 4+ years ago, the intention was to support my photography business, but I also wrote a bit about technical web development back then. While I love photography, I also love my day job of writing code for websites. I stubbornly will not give up either of them, even with the craziness of two little kids!

Anyways, at some point I thought the web stuff was distracting from the photography aspect of my site, so I decided to stop writing about technical stuff and hide it from the navigation.

Fast forward to present day, and I’ve struggled with the fact that I felt like excluding web / business stuff on my blog was ignoring a big part of myself. But, also I love to explore additional creative outlets like sewing, crafting, and most recently painting, and blog about them here. I’ve been concerned that I might not look like I’m “all in” in terms of photography with these other distracting content.

I’ve been listening to a podcast lately called Being Boss that my friend Lauren from Baste + Gather recommended. The podcast contains a lot of small business advice, specifically targeted towards creative entrepreneurs, but there’s also a heavy focus on branding. I’ve really enjoyed it and come out of listening to some of the podcasts wanting to figure out a way to include web development and business topics into my website, but also make sure I’m not losing those photography clients.

I feel much more confident in my photography and portfolio, and that it sets the expectation of what types of photos I will deliver to my clients, so I’m back to including all of my creative endeavors on this blog, including creative web dev topics! My blog may be a moving target, but I think it’s the right decision right now. This brings us to …

A Full Stack Website & Headshots


I recently took headshots for my husband Aleks, in preparation for a website, where he’ll be offering consulting services related to his academic position (in Bioengineering). We were talking on a Thursday night about how he’s been approached by a handful of biotech companies who want to “pick his brain”, and I suggested to put together a simple one page website and business cards to hand out and suggest they hire him as a consultant.

We went from 0 to 60 on his website over that weekend. Here’s how I put things together:

  • Registered the domain (from Namecheap.com)
  • Configured the domain to point to my existing Linode server, where I run this site from.
  • Browsed and bought a one page theme (from ThemeForest).
  • Took headshots of Aleks during the girls’ naptime (win!).
  • Set up my server (hosting related stuff). Downloaded the theme to the server. Added photos, content, provided by Aleks.
  • Put together and ordered basic business cards inspired by the downloaded theme (i.e. similar graphics and background image).

Done is Better Than Perfect

Aleks’ website isn’t perfect at this point. I’ve asked him to clean up some of the content (but who reads, anyways?!), and ideally there are some code related things I’d like to clean up.

But, my point of writing all this out is to show the few steps required to get something up and running if you want to test interest in a service you can provide. The website, final design, and branding isn’t perfect, but it’s out there, and he’s ready to consult! However, I do think the photos will stick around 🙂

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