happy june 2018

Hi! Happy June, 2018! In looking at my last blog post (in January of this year), I see I’m terribly behind on blogging and sharing photos from sessions.

Truth be told, blogging and marketing hasn’t been a priority for me this year, but I continue to book sessions, schedule and weather permitting! Here’s a picture of middle sis “S” with a Project Pearl foster dog that I photographed recently. Project Pearl has been winding down due to some changes in circumstances and structure, but I happily volunteer to photograph dogs in the program. Visit the Project Pearl website here for more information!

Summer photos in North Carolina are always a bit of a drag due to the extreme humidity (it’s 96 degrees out as I’m writing this post), although I try to schedule early evening or early morning weekend sessions. Fall sessions are where things pick up. Contact me today to get something on the calendar.

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