happy 2017 (a bit late!)

Happy 2017!

I’ve gotten way behind on my regular blogging since almost-4-year-old “A” has dropped her naps completely on the weekends, when I regularly write and schedule my weekly posts. What used to be her nap time has now been filled with activities to keep her busy like swimming and shopping trips. So, I am left to find another time during the week to put together these blog posts.

So, since I last shared personal photos, we have been extremely busy with holiday activities and visitors. We raked fall leaves (they all came down late this year!), celebrated Christmas, “S”‘s two year old birthday, New Years, enjoyed a visit from my family, and had a blast with a few snow days from 8 inches of snow! Below are a few of my favorite personal photos from the last couple of months.

As for any New Years resolutions, I guess I better get on top of that! I’m not one to make big resolutions. While in the past I’ve written about a handful of business goals, this year I’ll be happy taking on clients and subjects that I continue to enjoy to photograph. It’s always a pleasure to keep my clients happy!

And for personal goals, I hope to keep up with regular personal photos including sharing photos of the upcoming arrival of baby #3 in early May! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I continue to work on my personal hobby of sewing and crafting, and I’m always excited to share my latest creations.

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