happy 2016!

It’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks, with the building anxiety for Santa’s arrival, then the cleaning and preparation for hosting both sets of grandparents for the holidays. And baby S’s birthday is on New Years Eve, so birthday celebration was the focus over New Years celebration. It’s just now sinking in that we’ve made it to 2016!

In the past couple of years, I’ve put together a handful of resolutions for my photography business and personal goals. Admittedly, I didn’t do a very good job keeping up with them, so much so, that I don’t even remember what I said last year!

happy_2016 (2)

In general, I’m not one to make grandiose statements or resolutions for the year. Instead, I like to make incremental lifestyle adjustments that result in maintaining happiness… since we are quite happy these days. Here are some of those things I’d like to continue incrementally improving on or practicing this year:

  • Keep Creating: This year, I want to keep creating. Keep creating beautiful, story-telling photos for my clients and of my own personal story. I want to keep sewing and I plan to continue to share those projects on my blog. I want to keep creating art with drawing, lettering, and painting. I’m not quite sure what direction the art is going in, but the best advice I’ve heard is to just show up every day and enjoy creating and making things, which I try to do.
  • Strike a Balance: With all the creating, I strive to maintain a balance between job responsibilities, being a mom, maintaining good relationships, and personal creativity goals. It’s overwhelming! How do I do it? I suffer from mom guilt on a regular basis and try to minimize distractions while I’m with the kids, but then I get to work when they are napping or sleeping. Perhaps this has left little time for relationships, but I realize that life is quite busy with small children and it’ll evolve as the kids get a little older. One big positive change in 2015 was starting the kids to half-time daycare (or “school”) – it allows me to work regular hours, but not feel like I’m sacrificing too much time with A + S.
  • Improve Techniques: I’d like to continue grow as a photographer, artist, and sewist. I think this requires motivation to set challenging goals and dedicate practice to improving techniques, all while striking the aforementioned balance of life and parenthood.

Good luck in your 2016 goals and resolutions! I’ll leave you with a cupcake smash for baby S’s one year old birthday. Enjoy!

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