friday photo share: 1.25 years

I skipped a whole week of blogging! Oops. I’ve been busy with sessions and life so I didn’t get a chance to blog the last week. Today I bring you my weekly photos of toddler A, hanging out a the park. Toddler A is busy as usual, walking and chatting up a storm. She likes to feed the dogs a few kibbles at a time. She also likes to rummage through the pantry and hand over whatever she wants to eat, or just sit down in front of the pantry to eat some cookies if she’s in the mood. She has gotten a lot more social on trips to the park, starting with staring at the other kids and even going so far as to mimic them. She seems to enjoy the interaction. In addition to socializing, she likes to play with dirt and mulch at the park, sometimes instead of climbing up on the slides. She loves exploring and getting in to trouble, and is a mostly happy kid. I love her pretty strawberry blondish/redish hair.

toddler_a (1)toddler_a (2)

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