family photo montage update in clemmons

Hi there! Happy September! I’ve gotten a bit behind on sharing recent family photos of our adventures. Since we visited the Outer Banks a little over two months ago, we’ve been busy enjoying our summer (and trying to enjoy the super hot & humid North Carolina weather).

Since I last posted more family photos, baby S turned 7 months and 8 months just yesterday! She is quite the eater now and very interested in big kid food. She’s a decent subject to photograph such she hasn’t started crawling too fast yet. Her big sis A is approaching 2.5 years and is as busy and chatty as always. She’s got a great sense of adventure and humor, and lots of energy. It’s hard keeping up with both of them. Some days it’s a struggle to keep my sanity, so the camera doesn’t come out!

We’ve been visiting lots of playgrounds all over Winston-Salem and Clemmons lately, and we even visited a Butterfly garden in High Point. These are all great places to capture candid photos, as it’s hard to get a toddler to stay in one place. Enjoy!

family_montage (1)family_montage (2)family_montage (3)family_montage (4)family_montage (5)family_montage (6)family_montage (7)family_montage (8)family_montage (9)family_montage (10)family_montage (11)family_montage (12)family_montage (13)

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