family photo montage: january 2016

I haven’t had a chance to share a bunch of recent family photos, including a few of the grandparents (both sets!) over the holidays. Toddler A will be turning 3 in a couple of months, and baby S just celebrated her first birthday. They are quite the dynamic duo! One of my favorite things about having an almost 3 year is interacting with her as her language and personality develops. I’ve started to keep track of a few funny quotes to remember:

  • “Are you super?” (me). “No, I’m A****!”
  • “I want to sleep in a candy bed.”
  • “Santa likes Starbucks.”
  • “Santa bring me more peanut butter nmnms.”
  • “Eeeeew Beeegers!” (boogers)
  • “Turtles like pizza”
  • “Where’s your owie?” (me). “On my small leg.”
  • “Did you fart?” (me) “Yes, I have pretzel fart.”
  • “Twinkle twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are. Like a diamond in the sky.”
  • “Batman needs blankie. Batman needs blue rufus.” (dressed up as Batman)

And here are the photos, going backwards in time about a month or so. Enjoy!

family_photos (1)family_photos (2)family_photos (3)family_photos (4)family_photos (5)family_photos (6)family_photos (7)family_photos (8)family_photos (9)family_photos (10)family_photos (12)family_photos (13)family_photos (14)family_photos (15)family_photos (16)family_photos (18)family_photos (19)family_photos (20)

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