emmitt: preview

Last week, I temporarily fostered Emmitt for AARF, while his foster family went on vacation.

Emmitt is a 6 month old lab-shepherd mix. I photographed his brother Onyx (who is all black and looks very much like a lab) and Emmitt several times at AARF before the opportunity to foster came up. Emmitt is very curious and likes to explore all crevices of the house, but he was also very food-motivated, people-motivated, and dog-friendly, so with a bit of training he’ll be a great dog. I was able to entertain him several times with a kong filled with peanut butter and dog food, and he played with Milton and Roger endlessly

During his stay, I took plenty of photos of him in the backyard, hanging around our house, and at a dog park nearby. Stay tuned for the full set next week!

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