A couple of weeks ago, we temporarily fostered Emmitt for AARF, while his foster family went on vacation. Emmitt is a 6 month old lab shepherd mix that is a energetic and curious puppy. He spent much of the week exploring our house to determine which mysterious items were acceptable chew toys. His favorite play toys were usually a kong filled with peanut butter and dog food, sticks that he liked to tear apart, and a rope tug of war toy.

And don’t forget his other two favorite play toys: Milton and Roger (my older black lab and chocolate lab)! Emmitt, Milton, and Roger spent hours playing every day while I had to strategically mute work phone calls 🙂 Aleks and I also took Emmitt running with Milton and Roger two times during the week — I think he’d make a great running partner with some standard puppy training.

After play time was over, Emmitt was a great cuddler! He wanted to jump on the bed just like everyone else and liked to snuggle up during bedtime.

Throughout the week, I had a few quick photo sessions with Emmitt and wanted to share my favorites here. I’ve also been playing with video a bit, so I’ve included a quick video in this post to demonstrate playtime between Milton and Emmitt. Enjoy!

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