country photo shoot in madison, NC

Over the weekend, I had a great photo shoot with a friend (Lauren) in Madison, NC. Lauren’s family owns quite a bit of land and seems to be overflowing with animals. We worked on some portrait shots with my new flash and I captured some moments of family pets on the country land:

madison north carolina photo shoot
Here’s Lauren shooting a picture of me shooting a picture of her.
gunner yellow lab photo shoot
Here’s Lauren’s dog Gunner. Gunner has eyelashes on the inside of his eyelids – it was hard to capture a photo with his eyes open, but I love his expression here.
gunner yellow lab photo shoot
Lauren asked me to take a picture of Gunner and her.
black cat in the photo shoot
Here’s a random black cat who was yearning for attention as we were shooting around a barn. Lauren thinks his name is Egypt.

Stay tuned for more photos of Gunner and Lauren’s horse, Murphey.

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