cool web tools

In the past, I’ve talked about web tools such as Google Analytics and SEO tools like woorank. Here I’ll share a few more fun web tools I’ve used.

frame box

Frame box is the one tool I’ve used to use that’s nice for drawing up quick mockups of a website to pass along to others. In my case, I’ve used it to draw up examples potential website for clients during my day job. But it might be a nice tool to use when you are working with a designer on layout ideas. See some screenshots below of a quick frame box sketch in edit and preview mode.

CSS Pivot

Another fun tool I’ve come across is CSS Pivot. CSS Pivot gives you the ability to view an existing website and load additional CSS to try out alternative CSS rules on your site. See below where I tried adding some new CSS rules to the blog page and comments section of a single post on my site.


A preview of the blog page with background, link and margin updates.


After background and text changes are made to the comments section of the single post template.

Awesome Screenshot

Finally, a tool that contributed to this blog article, is Awesome Screenshot. Awesome Screenshot is a Chrome plugin (also available in Safari) that allows you to capture screenshots or entire web page captures and annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text. It gives you the ability to download the resulting screenshot or store it temporarily and share it with several social media tools.

Check out the example to the left where I’ve annotated my homepage.

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