changing times: fall 2017

Fall is just arriving here and I just wanted to say hello on my blog! I’ve been pretty terrible about keeping up the blog since the arrival of baby #3 in April.

My old schedule (with one, then two kids) allowed me to blog ahead of time every weekend during nap time, but weekend naps are now gone and so is my regular blogging time. That being said, I’m also now heading into busy photography season here in Clemmons, NC, and I’ve had to make some adjustments to my offerings based on childcare needs.

This fall, I’ve modified my pricing and offerings a bit, offering a couple of different options for those interested in portrait photos, but less options for newborn photos, pet photos and event photos. I will be happy to extend previous pricing to any clients who booked a session before this price update. Contact me today with any questions or to schedule a session!

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