catching up with recent photos in clemmons

I took a week off from blogging due to a busy schedule – between traveling, having family visiting for two weekends in a row, and being sick, I’ve gotten behind! Here are some photos from the last few weeks. I’ve dropped off of participating in the 52 week challenge, but I hope I can pick that back up as my schedule frees up a bit. At the rate I’m going, it’ll take me longer than 52 weeks to finish out the assignments. It’s not easy with two little ones!

As of late, baby S has gotten quite busy interested in her surroundings, wanting to reach out and grab things and then mouth them. She’s a quiet happy baby and is a bit ticklish. She loves watching her older sister. Toddler A has settled into the terrible twos recently. She said her first four word sentence recently, “Baby S poured water – haha!” She’s as stubborn as her parents, and full of energy. We’ll need to figure out where to let her use that energy soon enough – maybe a soccer team when she turns 3?

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