blueberry picking in winston-salem

In lieu of my weekly Friday photo share, I’m going to share a whole set of photos from blueberry picking last week at Reich’s Blueberries here in Winston-Salem. The in-laws were in town for a long weekend, and blueberry picking season has just started. Everyone in the family, including the in-laws, loves blueberries, so I thought it would be a fun activity to do during the day. It turned out to be just that – toddler A loved being outside and participating in the activities, including occasional tasting. She loves to collect things in containers in general, so this was especially fun! The weather was great and there was a mix of sun and shade at the farm, so we were all comfortable. A delicious fresh blueberry pie was made from the blueberries and a handful of them were frozen for later consumption. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day. The photos highlight how focused A was in picking, sorting, stealing buckets, and snacking.

blueberries (2)blueberries (3)blueberries (4)blueberries (5)blueberries (6)blueberries (7)blueberries (8)blueberries (9)

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