blogging tips for photographers

blogging tips for photographers

When it comes to building a web presence for photography, I’m a big fan of blogging. I’m a fan not only for this site, but also my other job where I provide web development consulting and services. A recent thread on a pet photography network inspired me to write this post.

I think blog does a few things:

  • Shows you are active to potential clients and demonstrates recent works to these potential clients.
  • Feeds search engines with fresh, relevant content. And with new content, comes the possibility that other sites will link to your site through social media, content syndication, etc.
  • Makes you accountable for continuously writing and publishing new work. In the case of photography, continuously producing new work can improve your photography.

Since I try to blog regularly both on this site and for my other job, here are some tips that I’ve gathered up over time:

  • Try to get in a regular routine of writing, such as one article every two weeks. Writing becomes harder if you do it less frequently.
  • Read a lot… to get inspiration and ideas.
  • Write blog articles that stem from questions you are asked (e.g. a photographer friend asked me about SEO for photography and i turned that into a post).
  • Talk to others — it helps generate ideas and peak interests.
  • Be curious about learning and then blog about what you learned.

And some more photography specific blogging tips:

  • Write about topics other than photo shoot posts, such as post-processing tips, technical tips, and business tips.
  • Participate in photography projects, such as daily or weekly assignments. And share those photos regularly.
  • Get the most number of articles out of photo shoots (preview, more, etc.)
  • Put together a collection of photos from several photo shoots based on a theme.
  • Volunteer at a shelter and share those photos.
  • Share links and resources such as Photoshop tips or photography business tips.

The end goal here is to publish fresh, relevant, and meaningful content regularly. If your local competitors are constantly producing fresh content, your site may not be able to compete unless you also produce new content.

Finally, here are some metrics that demonstrate the benefit of blogging. The image below shows metrics that compare content viewed between a regular brochure site and a companion blogging site. For this site over the last year, approximately 80% of the total content viewed is blog content and the blog content continues to gain external links which continuously improves the web presence of the site.

blogging tips for websites

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