at the beach: milton & roger

Over Memorial Day weekend, Milton, Roger, Aleks and I headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for some camping, hanging out at the beach, and night-time crab chasing with some friends. We stayed in a campground along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. It was our first trip to the beach and I was anxious to see what the dogs would think of the beach. But it was not surprising to see that Milton and Roger loved the beach since it meant they got to play fetch and lay around with their humans all day.

Milton and Roger were happy to wake us up around sunrise both mornings during our camping trip. They passed out later in the day while back and the camp site, shown in the photo below. Luckily, they were also so exhausted that they slept through the 5.5 hour drive back to Winston-Salem. We can’t wait to make another trip out to the beach and stay tuned for a few more articles with our dog friends that went with us to the beach!

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