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at it again: quilting

After the last (and first finished) quilt I made, I said I wouldn’t make another one for a while. But here I am again, making another one! This time it’s a little different. Bonnie Christine (of Going Home To Roost) just released a new fabric line called winged. It’s great – the fresh, modern color palette is perfect and I love the detail.

After finding out baby #2 is a girl, I couldn’t wait to get some of the winged fabric to make a simple baby quilt / blanket. I ordered it the day after it came out! For the front of the blanket, I’ve picked out wingspan in melon (shown in the picture above), and for the back, I’ve picked up plumage in apricot from the collection. I’m using leftover batting from that first quilt I made, which makes for a perfect small blanket that looks like it’ll measure around 44″ x 54″.

My original plan was to go with quick straight-line quilting, but I decided I didn’t want to distract from the beauty of the wingspan butterflies, so I’m going with hand-quilting (my first attempt)! As you can imagine, hand-quilting isn’t super quick, but as I get more pregnant I need activities that won’t irritate my lower back, and hand-quilting is a better option to minimize back pain. My hand-quilting was a little clumsy at first, but I’m getting the hang of it. My stitches are fairly big for efficient sake, but I’m happy with it. I’m moving along, spending an hour or so at night while watching TV and spending a bit of time here or there when I have a few minutes. Stay tuned for the blog post on the finished blanket! And don’t forget to pick up some fabric from Bonnie’s several fabric lines – some of the winged prints come in knit and voile too, so they would make for some great apparel.

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