astrid: preview

A couple of weeks ago, I temporarily fostered Astrid for a week. I describe it as temporary fostering because she was in the care of AARF volunteers for almost two months before I fostered her while her litter recovered from parvo. I took the opportunity to photograph her on several outings, as well as take some video. Here’s a preview shot of sleepy Astrid after chasing my dogs Milton and Roger a bit.

Luckily, Astrid was going to the home of a nice couple and will not only be a great companion to the couple, but also to their dog Max, who lost his doggy pal earlier this year and has been heartbroken. Although it was hard to see Astrid go since she was a happy playful puppy, it’s nice to see that she’s going to a house where she’ll get plenty of love and have a doggy partner in crime.

Stay tuned for the rest of Astrid’s photographs, and maybe even a short video!

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