a’s birthday celebration

We had quite the eventful week for A’s birthday celebration starting two weeks ago on her birthday, and I’ve been recovering since! In the morning, she went to daycare to share cupcakes with her friends. In the afternoon, we headed over to Reynolda with some friends to enjoy the nice weather and take some photos. The girls had fun playing in the sun and running around.

In the evening, we sang, and ate cupcakes, and opened presents and were lucky to be joined by all 4 grandparents over a Google Hangout. It’s great to let the grandparents join in on this fun. Despite the challenges with technology at times, this was a great memory to share, especially since A’s language is blossoming these days.

After her birthday, A got really sick with a fever and was home for the two days before her birthday party. We later found out she had the flu, but it didn’t seem like anything other than a virus at the time. Poor girl! The party still went on, and she was feeling better that morning (maybe out of excitement!).

Her birthday party was held at the Winston-Salem Children’s Museum, one of our favorite places to hang out on Saturday mornings. With the help of friends, and attendance of lots of friends, it was a blast! Parties at the Children’s Museum are great – kids and parents can enjoy the museum before and after party time. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the all the festivities!

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