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alphabet animal playmat: free sewing pattern

I haven’t been working on many sewing projects lately, because I’ve been finishing up a free sewing pattern! The pattern is a magnetic animal alphabet playmat, where each letter magnet sticks to an animal starting with that letter.

I came up with the idea because my toddler has been very interested in learning her letters lately, and she’s equally interested in animals. I recently used teeny tiny magnets on another crafty project and wanted to come up with something for toddler A that would be interactive and travel-friendly. So, here it is!

The fabric can be printed at Spoonflower and uses graphics from Pink Pueblo (link in pattern), who I collaborated with on the project because I am not a graphic designer and wanted cute animal artwork!

Download the free pattern here and check out some photos below!

alphabet_mat (1)alphabet_mat (3)alphabet_mat (4)alphabet_mat (5)alphabet_mat (6)

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