aarf: puppy mania

As you may know, I’ve been volunteering at AARF, an animal adoption and rescue foundation here in Winston-Salem, since June of this year. Every week, I attend the Saturday adoption fair to photograph the adoptable dogs and cats that are used on Petfinder. This past weekend was no different, but it was quite busy since 5 great dane mixes were attending their first adoption fair at 7 weeks old.

The dane pups got plenty of attention with a steady stream of potential adopters. During a break of visitors, I stepped in to take a few shots of the puppies hanging out. I already shared photos of Michelangelo, but here are additional photos of the six puppies from the adoption fair and my initial session with them two weeks ago. April did not attend the adoption fair, but has been adopted. Unfortunately (for me), my next adoption fair won’t be for several weeks, so it’s likely all these little ones will be adopted and I won’t get to see them again! Enjoy!

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