aarf: oldies but goodies

I started volunteering at AARF here in Winston-Salem in June. AARF is an animal adoption and rescue foundation that aids homeless cats and dogs in the greater Winston-Salem area. Since then, I’ve seen a handful of their adoptables go in and out of the program. Puppies are adopted pretty quickly at AARF, but the majority of AARF adoptables are adults. Both of my dogs are rescued adult dogs, so I can attest to the fact that they make great family companions!

There is a handful of adults that have been in the program since I started, shown here. This list includes Lizzie, Destiny, Molly, Skye, Molly, Daisy, Scout, Havanna, Brianna and Oliver. I decided to go through my archive of AARF photos to pull together both old and recent photos of these AARF furry friends. Enjoy!

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