aarf adoptables: july 9th

I’ve been volunteering at AARF here in Winston-Salem the past few weekends. This past weekend, I was asked to photograph the cats since I’ve previously been focused on photographing the adoptable dogs. AARF has cat adoption fairs 3 days per week and on this particular Saturday adoption fair, there were about 15 adult cats and many kittens, but you can check out their full list of over a hundred adoptable cats and kittens here. The other volunteers pointed out a few of the adult cats that needed photos. Many of the adult cats up for adoption were lovely, playful, and affectionate. I picked out a few favorites shown above.

I also couldn’t help to take a couple photos of the kittens and puppies up for adoption. Jenna, the kitten shown above, was entranced by a toy that I dangled above the camera lens! As for the puppies, AARF currently has several terrier mix puppies up for adoption, shown below!

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