a whirlwind: part 2

In my last post a few weeks ago, I mentioned it’s been a whirlwind as we’ve been moving and getting settled into our new house throughout November. December wasn’t any less crazy! While I wasn’t having strong contractions for baby 2 until later in the month, they started ramping up mid-month and we thought baby might come early, so we were hastily preparing for a quick arrival, despite her end of the year due date. But she held on through Christmas and we enjoyed our small family Christmas, especially toddler A, who was happy to help us open all of our presents. We took a nice walk at Tanglewood Park nearby on Christmas day to enjoy the unseasonably warm, sunny weather. Then, I continued to feel much stronger contractions and finally after all the build-up, baby S arrived on New Years Eve. Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks. While I have a lot of photo sessions yet to share on the blog, I expect things to be quiet on the blog as we adjust to being a family of 4.

whirlwind-2 (2)whirlwind-2 (3)whirlwind-2 (4)whirlwind-2 (5)whirlwind-2 (6)whirlwind-2 (7)whirlwind-2 (9)whirlwind-2 (1)

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