52 project: tribute

This week’s 52 project was “tribute”. The directions instructed us to choose a famous photo, painting or sculpture and re-create an interpretation of it, but it was not a requirement to be a style replica. Claire Baxter of Fetch Photography came up with this assignment and mentioned that she did it back in art school and that it was a great way to push yourself to try new things or techniques.

I chose Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. I have very little exposure to art history and painting, so I had to do a bit of reading to see which techniques he used on this painting, in addition to breaking down the painting to pick out some textures that I liked. I photographed Milton while at a dog park, but I wasn’t happy with using it as a base for the photo, so I ended up using an older photo of Roger at the beach that makes an appearance in this post.

The cool thing about this assignment is that it definitely pushed me to try new things. I do most of my post-processing in Lightroom, and with this I used a variety of techniques in Photoshop including using the Liquify filter, the warp transform (which I rarely use), installing a Plugin (which I’ve never done!), and trying out a variety of Artistic and Texture filters.

And now, check out Blue Amrich’s Pet Photography Blog to see how she & the rest of the group interpreted this assignment! And, stay tuned for a short article next week where I’d like to discuss the process I used to create this photo!

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