52 project: shadows

pet photography shadows

I recently joined an Online Professional Pet Photography network! A few of us in the network make up a group that will have weekly assignments to improve our photography skills, increase our exposure, and to just have fun seeing how our weekly themes are interpreted.. This weeks assignment was shadows. Check out the photos above and below to see what I came up with!

pet photography shadows pet photography shadows pet photography shadows

My two labs (Milton & Roger) were obliged to participate. Capturing shadow photos is hard, but it’s forces you to focus on the simple lines, curves and good composition. I ended up going high contrast black and white in post.

And now, check out Liz Stabbert’s Pet Photography Blog for her take on the assignment, and keep clicking through until you came back around to my blog. I interpreted this assignment literally, while a few others in the group had much different interpretations, so don’t miss out on checking those out!

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